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Our data centers provide the network infrastructure availability, 24x7x365 support and Enterprise-grade security which enables us to provide a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee, excluding scheduled or emergency maintenance.

Redundant Power

The facility provides redundant, high-capacity and reliable power. High specification N+1 UPS units backed up by an on-site diesel generator seamlessly maintains customer and plant load for the entire building should the mains grid unexpectedly fail.

Air Conditioning

To ensure optimum performance, all data floors are maintained at a constant 21C 2C and relative humidity is kept at 50% 10%. Both are continually monitored by the building management system which also monitors and remotely operates sensors covering electrical, mechanical, fire detection and leak detection systems.

Fire Detection/Suppression

The facility combines a VESDA system with an FM200 gas based fire retardant that is environmentally friendly. These systems are linked to the building management system enabling fires to be put out instantly without damaging equipment.


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